Cheese Wine Basket

When you are invited to a party, a gourmet cheese and wine basket is sure to impress. Whether attending as an invited guest or purchasing one on your own, this elegant offering will put the "wow" factor in your impressive presentation. A cheese and wine basket can be easily found at any retailer that carries fine wines and cheese, as well as online retailers who carry a wide variety of items for any type of celebration. If you are making your own wine basket, here are some ideas to get you started. You could combine your favorite cheeses with a blend of wine, such as a port or sherry selection. Other options might include an Italy collection, which includes items like cured sausages and prosciutto, paired with Tuscan white wines. Another idea might be pairing a Cabernet Sauvignon with a Prosecco or Shiraz Cabernet. Cheese might be a good fit for an Italian collection, as well as Swiss or Rhine wines. For a true leathery touch, think about a prosciutto and brie cheese selection. Cheese comes in many styles and flavors, from soft brie to hard-hitting chocolaty as well as fruity. Think about cheeses like Camembert, fontina, Gouda, or blue cheese. Include a selection of cheeses and wines that pair best with your cheese selections. You can have a "Cheese and Wine" lunch party with a mixed selection of cheeses and wine. This is especially fun for families, as everyone can enjoy the different food and beverage combinations. To make your wine and cheese basket even more impressive, it is a wise choice to include an assortment of wine bottles. Some examples might be; a nice Cabernet Sauvignon with a delicious Merlot; a sharp Tannic wine with a soft Montfermug and Pinot Noir; or an exceptional Stilton with an awesome Chardonnay. The more options you include in your basket, the better. The main consideration when selecting wine and cheese is texture. Your wine basket will taste much better if you match the cheese to the wine. Some cheeses need a softer flavor to enhance their smoothness, while other cheeses are best with a harder texture. Some of the most popular and commonly paired cheeses include: New England style cheeses, which are full of fat and cheese flavor, Provolone cheeses, which are mild, cheddar cheeses that have less texture, and soft cheddar cheeses. Other types of cheese, you may consider include: Swiss, French, American, Parmesan, and Spanish. There are also some "forbidden fruit" cheeses that work really well with certain types of wine. The pairing of wine and cheese should be a perfect match. Some of these forbidden fruits include: pomegranate, cranberry, black currant, raspberry, and chocolate. Pairing wine and cheese in a cheese basket is like taking a holiday together. Nothing says "I am taking my lover on a romantic escape" quite like a beautiful wine and cheese tray. Wine baskets come complete with a variety of accessories, such as: an assortment of wines, crackers, cheeses, olives, vinegars, and other items that you can add to the basket. You can purchase all the accessories for one discounted price if you shop at a wholesaler. Many cheese and wine retailers provide free shipping and delivery. When you create the basket yourself, be sure to include the optional accessories and use the freshest ingredients available. You do not want to have to worry about starting the process of creating the food or cheese, then trying to stop it before it is completely done. Cheese and wine baskets make a great gift for any occasion, including anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, or any other celebration or occasion. They are also a great way to introduce friends and family to the exciting world of wine and cheese. Once you try a cheese and wine basket, you will never order another cheese product again. Instead, you will think of that cheese and wine basket every time you see it. The combination of a rich cheese dish with a glass of wine is an experience you will always hold dear.